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Manage bcachefs filesystems/devices. More information:

  • Format a partition with bcachefs:

sudo bcachefs format {{path/to/partition}}

  • Mount a bcachefs filesystem:

sudo bcachefs mount {{path/to/partition}} {{path/to/mountpoint}}

  • Create a RAID 0 filesystem where an SSD acts as a cache and an HDD acts as a long-term storage:

sudo bcachefs format --label=ssd.ssd1 {{path/to/ssd/partition}} --label=hdd.hdd1 {{path/to/hdd/partition}} --replicas=1 --foreground_target=ssd --promote_target=ssd --background_target=hdd

  • Mount a multidevice filesystem:

sudo bcachefs mount {{path/to/partition1}}:{{path/to/partition2}} {{path/to/mountpoint}}

  • Display disk usage:

bcachefs fs usage --human-readable {{path/to/mountpoint}}

  • Display help: