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Inspect and manipulate eBPF programs and maps in a simple way. Some subcommands such as bpftool prog have their own usage documentation. More information:

  • List information about loaded eBPF programs:

bpftool prog list

  • List eBPF program attachments in the kernel networking subsystem:

bpftool net list

  • List all active links:

bpftool link list

  • List all raw_tracepoint, tracepoint, kprobe attachments in the system:

bpftool perf list

  • List BPF Type Format (BTF) data:

bpftool btf list

  • List information about loaded maps:

bpftool map list

  • Probe a network device "eth0" for supported eBPF features:

bpftool feature probe dev {{eth0}}

  • Run commands in batch mode from a file:

bpftool batch file {{myfile}}