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Introspect and monitor the D-Bus bus. More information:

  • Show all peers on the bus, by their service names:

busctl list

  • Show process information and credentials of a bus service, a process, or the owner of the bus (if no parameter is specified):

busctl status {{service|pid}}

  • Dump messages being exchanged. If no service is specified, show all messages on the bus:

busctl monitor {{service1 service2 ...}}

  • Show an object tree of one or more services (or all services if no service is specified):

busctl tree {{service1 service2 ...}}

  • Show interfaces, methods, properties and signals of the specified object on the specified service:

busctl introspect {{service}} {{path/to/object}}

  • Retrieve the current value of one or more object properties:

busctl get-property {{service}} {{path/to/object}} {{interface_name}} {{property_name}}

  • Invoke a method and show the response:

busctl call {{service}} {{path/to/object}} {{interface_name}} {{method_name}}