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Record the screen. More information:

  • Record the screen and write the recording to a file (by default, byzanz-record will only record for 10 seconds):

byzanz-record {{path/to/file.[byzanz|flv|gif|ogg|ogv|webm]}}

  • Show information while and after recording:

byzanz-record --verbose {{path/to/file.[byzanz|flv|gif|ogg|ogv|webm]}}

  • Record the screen for a minute:

byzanz-record --duration 60 {{path/to/file.[byzanz|flv|gif|ogg|ogv|webm]}}

  • Delay recording for 10 seconds:

byzanz-record --delay 10 {{path/to/file.[byzanz|flv|gif|ogg|ogv|webm]}}