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Finds duplicate filesystem extents and optionally schedule them for deduplication. An extent is small part of a file inside the filesystem. On some filesystems one extent can be referenced multiple times, when parts of the content of the files are identical. More information:

  • Search for duplicate extents in a directory and show them:

duperemove -r {{path/to/directory}}

  • Deduplicate duplicate extents on a Btrfs or XFS (experimental) filesystem:

duperemove -r -d {{path/to/directory}}

  • Use a hash file to store extent hashes (less memory usage and can be reused on subsequent runs):

duperemove -r -d --hashfile={{path/to/hashfile}} {{path/to/directory}}

  • Limit I/O threads (for hashing and dedupe stage) and CPU threads (for duplicate extent finding stage):

duperemove -r -d --hashfile={{path/to/hashfile}} --io-threads={{N}} --cpu-threads={{N}} {{path/to/directory}}