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Replay undo logs for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem. This can be used to undo a failed operation by an e2fsprogs program. More information:

  • Display information about a specific undo file:

e2undo -h {{path/to/undo_file}} {{/dev/sdXN}}

  • Perform a dry-run and display the candidate blocks for replaying:

e2undo -nv {{path/to/undo_file}} {{/dev/sdXN}}

  • Perform an undo operation:

e2undo {{path/to/undo_file}} {{/dev/sdXN}}

  • Perform an undo operation and display verbose information:

e2undo -v {{path/to/undo_file}} {{/dev/sdXN}}

  • Write the old contents of the block to an undo file before overwriting a file system block:

e2undo -z {{path/to/file.e2undo}} {{path/to/undo_file}} {{/dev/sdXN}}