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A low level interface to the Gentoo Portage system. More information:

  • Create or update the package manifest:

ebuild {{path/to/file.ebuild}} manifest

  • Clean the temporary build directories for the build file:

ebuild {{path/to/file.ebuild}} clean

  • Fetch sources if they do not exist:

ebuild {{path/to/file.ebuild}} fetch

  • Extract the sources to a temporary build directory:

ebuild {{path/to/file.ebuild}} unpack

  • Compile the extracted sources:

ebuild {{path/to/file.ebuild}} compile

  • Install the package to a temporary install directory:

ebuild {{path/to/file.ebuild}} install

  • Install the temporary files to the live filesystem:

ebuild {{path/to/file.ebuild}} qmerge

  • Fetch, unpack, compile, install and qmerge the specified ebuild file:

ebuild {{path/to/file.ebuild}} merge