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Fix file SELinux security contexts. More information:

  • If specified with onboot, this fixfiles will record the current date in the /.autorelabel file, so that it can be used later to speed up labeling. If used with restore, the restore will only affect files that were modified today:

fixfiles -B

  • [F]orce reset of context to match file_context for customizable files:

fixfiles -F

  • Clear /tmp directory without confirmation:

fixfiles -f

  • Use the [R]pm database to discover all files within specific packages and restore the file contexts:

fixfiles -R {{rpm_package1,rpm_package2 ...}}

  • Run a diff on the PREVIOUS_FILECONTEXT file to the [C]urrently installed one, and restore the context of all affected files:


  • Only act on files created after a specific date which will be passed to find --newermt command:

fixfiles -N {{YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM}}

  • Bind [M]ount filesystems before relabeling them, this allows fixing the context of files or directories that have been mounted over:

fixfiles -M

  • Modify [v]erbosity from progress to verbose and run restorecon with -v instead of -p:

fixfiles -v