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Code coverage analysis and profiling tool that discovers untested parts of a program. Also displays a copy of source code annotated with execution frequencies of code segments. More information:

  • Generate a coverage report named file.cpp.gcov:

gcov {{path/to/file.cpp}}

  • Write individual execution counts for every basic block:

gcov --all-blocks {{path/to/file.cpp}}

  • Write branch frequencies to the output file and print summary information to stdout as a percentage:

gcov --branch-probabilities {{path/to/file.cpp}}

  • Write branch frequencies as the number of branches taken, rather than the percentage:

gcov --branch-counts {{path/to/file.cpp}}

  • Do not create a gcov output file:

gcov --no-output {{path/to/file.cpp}}

  • Write file level as well as function level summaries:

gcov --function-summaries {{path/to/file.cpp}}