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Download pictures, videos, captions, and other metadata from Instagram. Note: You will need to provide Instagram login information if you want high-quality media downloads. More information:

  • Download a profile:

instaloader {{profile_name}}

  • Download highlights:

instaloader --highlights {{profile_name}}

  • Download posts with geotags (if available), suppressing any user interaction:

instaloader --quiet --geotags {{profile_name}}

  • Specify a user agent for HTTP requests:

instaloader --user-agent {{user_agent}} {{profile_name}}

  • Specify login info and download posts (useful for private profiles):

instaloader --login {{username}} --password {{password}} {{profile_name}}

  • Skip a target if the first downloaded file has been found (useful for updating Instagram archives):

instaloader --fast-update {{profile_name}}

  • Download stories and IGTV videos (login required):

instaloader --login {{username}} --password {{password}} --stories --igtv {{profile_name}}

  • Download all types of posts (login required):

instaloader --login {{username}} --password {{password}} --stories --igtv --highlights {{profile_name}}