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Get detailed information from a wireless interface. More information:

  • Display the list of access points and ad-hoc cells in range:

iwlist {{wireless_interface}} scan

  • Display available frequencies in the device:

iwlist {{wireless_interface}} frequency

  • List the bit-rates supported by the device:

iwlist {{wireless_interface}} rate

  • List the WPA authentication parameters currently set:

iwlist {{wireless_interface}} auth

  • List all the WPA encryption keys set in the device:

iwlist {{wireless_interface}} wpakeys

  • List the encryption key sizes supported and list all the encryption keys set in the device:

iwlist {{wireless_interface}} keys

  • List the various power management attributes and modes of the device:

iwlist {{wireless_interface}} power

  • List generic information elements set in the device (used for WPA support):

iwlist {{wireless_interface}} genie