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Easily build KDE components from its source repositories. More information:

  • Initialize kdesrc-build:

kdesrc-build --initial-setup

  • Compile a KDE component and its dependencies from source:

kdesrc-build {{component_name}}

  • Compile a component without updating its local code and without compiling its dependencies:

kdesrc-build --no-src --no-include-dependencies {{component_name}}

  • Refresh the build directories before compiling:

kdesrc-build --refresh-build {{component_name}}

  • Resume compilation from a specific dependency:

kdesrc-build --resume-from={{dependency_component}} {{component_name}}

  • Print full compilation info:

kdesrc-build --debug {{component_name}}

  • Build all configured components:


  • Use system libraries in place of a component if it fails to build:

kdesrc-build --no-stop-on-failure {{component_name}}