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Show KDE dialog boxes from within shell scripts. More information:

  • Open a dialog box displaying a specific message:

kdialog --msgbox "{{message}}" "{{optional_detailed_message}}"

  • Open a question dialog with a yes and no button, returning 0 and 1, respectively:

kdialog --yesno "{{message}}"

  • Open a warning dialog with a yes, no, and cancel button, returning 0, 1, or 2 respectively:

kdialog --warningyesnocancel "{{message}}"

  • Open an input dialog box and print the input to stdout when OK is pressed:

kdialog --inputbox "{{message}}" "{{optional_default_text}}"

  • Open a dialog to prompt for a specific password and print it to stdout:

kdialog --password "{{message}}"

  • Open a dialog containing a specific dropdown menu and print the selected item to stdout:

kdialog --combobx "{{message}}" "{{item1}}" "{{item2}}" "{{...}}"

  • Open a file chooser dialog and print the selected file's path to stdout:

kdialog --getopenfilename

  • Open a progressbar dialog and print a D-Bus reference for communication to stdout:

kdialog --progressbar "{{message}}"