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Control magnetic tape drive operation (commonly LTO tape). More information:

  • Check the status of a tape drive:

mt -f {{/dev/nstX}} status

  • Rewind the tape to beginning:

mt -f {{/dev/nstX}} rewind

  • Move forward a given files, then position the tape on first block of next file:

mt -f {{/dev/nstX}} fsf {{count}}

  • Rewind the tape, then position the tape at beginning of the given file:

mt -f {{/dev/nstX}} asf {{count}}

  • Position the tape at the end of valid data:

mt -f {{/dev/nstX}} eod

  • Rewind the tape and unload/eject it:

mt -f {{/dev/nstX}} eject

  • Write EOF (End-of-file) mark at the current position:

mt -f {{/dev/nstX} eof