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Read, write, redirect, and encrypt data across a network. An alternative implementation of a similar utility called netcat/nc. More information:

  • Listen for input on the specified port and write it to the specified file:

ncat -l {{port}} > {{path/to/file}}

  • Accept multiple connections and keep ncat open after they have been closed:

ncat -lk {{port}}

  • Write output of specified file to the specified host on the specified port:

ncat {{address}} {{port}} < {{path/to/file}}

  • Accept multiple incoming connections on an encrypted channel evading detection of traffic content:

ncat --ssl -k -l {{port}}

  • Connect to an open ncat connection over SSL:

ncat --ssl {{host}} {{port}}

  • Check connectivity to a remote host on a particular port with timeout:

ncat -w {{seconds}} -vz {{host}} {{port}}