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Version control for binary files similar to git but optimized for operating system root filesystems. OSTree is the foundation for immutable image-based operating systems such as Fedora Silverblue, Fedora IoT or Fedora CoreOS. More information:

  • Initialize a repository of the files in $PWD with metadata in $PWD/path/to/repo:

ostree init --repo {{path/to/repo}}

  • Create a commit (snapshot) of the files:

ostree commit --repo {{path/to/repo}} --branch {{branch_name}}

  • Show files in commit:

ostree ls --repo {{path/to/repo}} {{commit_id}}

  • Show metadata of commit:

ostree show --repo {{path/to/repo}} {{commit_id}}

  • Show list of commits:

ostree log --repo {{path/to/repo}} {{branch_name}}

  • Show repo summary:

ostree summary --repo {{path/to/repo}} --view

  • Show available refs (branches):

ostree refs --repo {{path/to/repo}}