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Wrapper script for GnuPG used to manage pacman's keyring. See also: pacman. More information:

  • Initialize the pacman keyring:

sudo pacman-key --init

  • Add the default Arch Linux keys:

sudo pacman-key --populate {{archlinux}}

  • List keys from the public keyring:

pacman-key --list-keys

  • Add the specified keys:

sudo pacman-key --add {{path/to/keyfile.gpg}}

  • Receive a key from a key server:

sudo pacman-key --recv-keys "{{uid|name|email}}"

  • Print the fingerprint of a specific key:

pacman-key --finger "{{uid|name|email}}"

  • Sign an imported key locally:

sudo pacman-key --lsign-key "{{uid|name|email}}"

  • Remove a specific key:

sudo pacman-key --delete "{{uid|name|email}}"