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Arch Linux package manager utility. See also: pacman-database, pacman-deptest, pacman-files, pacman-key, pacman-mirrors, pacman-query, pacman-remove, pacman-sync, pacman-upgrade. For equivalent commands in other package managers, see More information:

  • Synchronize and update all packages:

sudo pacman -Syu

  • Install a new package:

sudo pacman -S {{package}}

  • Remove a package and its dependencies:

sudo pacman -Rs {{package}}

  • Search the database for packages containing a specific file:

pacman -F "{{file_name}}"

  • List installed packages and versions:

pacman -Q

  • List only the explicitly installed packages and versions:

pacman -Qe

  • List orphan packages (installed as dependencies but not actually required by any package):

pacman -Qtdq

  • Empty the entire pacman cache:

sudo pacman -Scc