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Arch Linux install script to install packages to the specified new root directory. More information:

  • Install the base package, Linux kernel and firmware for common hardware:

pacstrap {{path/to/new/root}} {{base}} {{linux}} {{linux-firmware}}

  • Install the base package, Linux LTS kernel and base-devel build tools:

pacstrap {{path/to/new/root}} {{base}} {{base-devel}} {{linux-lts}}

  • Install packages without copy the host's mirrorlist to the target:

pacstrap -M {{path/to/new/root}} {{packages}}

  • Use an alternate configuration file for Pacman:

pacstrap -C {{path/to/pacman.conf}} {{path/to/new/root}} {{packages}}

  • Install packages using the package cache on the host instead of on the target:

pacstrap -c {{path/to/new/root}} {{packages}}

  • Initialize an empty pacman keyring in the target without copying it from the host:

pacstrap -K {{path/to/new/root}} {{packages}}

  • Install packages in interactive mode (prompts for confirmation):

pacstrap -i {{path/to/new/root}} {{packages}}

  • Install packages using package files:

pacstrap -U {{path/to/new/root}} {{path/to/package1}} {{path/to/package2}}