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Create, update or extract PHP archives (PHAR). More information:

  • Add one or more files or directories to a Phar file:

phar add -f {{path/to/phar_file}} {{path/to/file_or_directory1 path/to/file_or_directory2 ...}}

  • Display the contents of a Phar file:

phar list -f {{path/to/phar_file}}

  • Delete the specified file or directory from a Phar file:

phar delete -f {{path/to/phar_file}} -e {{file_or_directory}}

  • Compress or uncompress files and directories in a Phar file:

phar compress -f {{path/to/phar_file}} -c {{algorithm}}

  • Get information about a Phar file:

phar info -f {{path/to/phar_file}}

  • Sign a Phar file with a specific hash algorithm:

phar sign -f {{path/to/phar_file}} -h {{algorithm}}

  • Sign a Phar file with an OpenSSL private key:

phar sign -f {{path/to/phar_file}} -h openssl -y {{path/to/private_key}}

  • Display help and available hashing/compression algorithms:

phar help