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Official ProtonVPN client. See also: protonvpn-cli-connect. More information:

  • Log in to the ProtonVPN account:

protonvpn-cli login {{username}}

  • Start a kill switch upon connecting to ProtonVPN:

protonvpn-cli killswitch --on

  • Connect to ProtonVPN interactively:

protonvpn-cli connect

  • Display connection status:

protonvpn-cli status

  • Block malware using ProtonVPN NetShield:

protonvpn-cli netshield --malware

  • Disconnect from ProtonVPN:

protonvpn-cli disconnect

  • Display the current ProtonVPN configuration:

protonvpn-cli config --list

  • Display help for a subcommand:

protonvpn-cli {{subcommand}} --help