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WPA/WPA2 cracking tool using computational power. More information:

  • Display system cracking speed:

pyrit benchmark

  • List available cores:

pyrit list_cores

  • Set [e]SSID:

pyrit -e "{{ESSID}}" create_essid

  • [r]ead and analyze a specific packet capture file:

pyrit -r {{path/to/file.cap|path/to/file.pcap}} analyze

  • Read and [i]mport passwords to the current database:

pyrit -i {{path/to/file}} {{import_unique_passwords|unique_passwords|import_passwords}}

  • Exp[o]rt passwords from database to a specific file:

pyrit -o {{path/to/file}} export_passwords

  • Translate passwords with Pired Master Keys:

pyrit batch

  • [r]ead the capture file and crack the password:

pyrit -r {{path/to/file}} attack_db