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Build and manage highly optimised desktop virtual machines quickly. See also: quickget, for preparing VM configurations. More information:

  • Create and run a virtual machine from a configuration file:

quickemu --vm {{path/to/file.conf}}

  • Do not commit any changes to disk/snapshot but write any changes to temporary files:

quickemu --status-quo --vm {{path/to/file.conf}}

  • Start the virtual machine in full-screen mode ( + + f to exit) and select the display backend (sdl by default):

quickemu --fullscreen --display {{sdl|gtk|spice|spice-app|none}} --vm {{path/to/file.conf}}

  • Select a virtual audio device to emulate and create a desktop shortcut:

quickemu --sound-card {{intel-hda|ac97|es1370|sb16|none}} --shortcut --vm {{path/to/file.conf}}

  • Create a snapshot:

quickemu --snapshot create {{tag}} --vm {{path/to/file.conf}}

  • Restore a snapshot:

quickemu --snapshot apply {{tag}} --vm {{path/to/file.conf}}

  • Delete a snapshot:

quickemu --snapshot delete {{tag}} --vm {{path/to/file.conf}}