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Resolve domain names, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, DNS resource records, and services. Introspect and reconfigure the DNS resolver. More information:

  • Show DNS settings:

resolvectl status

  • Resolve the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for one or more domains:

resolvectl query {{domain1 domain2 ...}}

  • Retrieve the domain of a specified IP address:

resolvectl query {{ip_address}}

  • Flush all local DNS caches:

resolvectl flush-caches

  • Display DNS statistics (transactions, cache, and DNSSEC verdicts):

resolvectl statistics

  • Retrieve an MX record of a domain:

resolvectl --legend={{no}} --type={{MX}} query {{domain}}

  • Resolve an SRV record, for example _xmpp-server._tcp

resolvectl service _{{service}}._{{protocol}} {{name}}

  • Retrieve a TLS key:

resolvectl tlsa tcp {{domain}}:443