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RPM Package Manager. For equivalent commands in other package managers, see More information:

  • Show version of httpd package:

rpm --query {{httpd}}

  • List versions of all matching packages:

rpm --query --all '{{mariadb*}}'

  • Forcibly install a package regardless of currently installed versions:

rpm --upgrade {{path/to/package.rpm}} --force

  • Identify owner of a file and show version of the package:

rpm --query --file {{/etc/postfix/}}

  • List package-owned files:

rpm --query --list {{kernel}}

  • Show scriptlets from an RPM file:

rpm --query --package --scripts {{package.rpm}}

  • Show changed, missing and/or incorrectly installed files of matching packages:

rpm --verify --all '{{php-*}}'

  • Display the changelog of a specific package:

rpm --query --changelog {{package}}