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semanage fcontext

Manage persistent SELinux security context rules on files/directories. See also: semanage, matchpathcon, secon, chcon, restorecon. More information:

  • List all file labelling rules:

sudo semanage fcontext --list

  • List all user-defined file labelling rules without headings:

sudo semanage fcontext --list --locallist --noheading

  • Add a user-defined rule that labels any path which matches a PCRE regex:

sudo semanage fcontext --add --type {{samba_share_t}} {{'/mnt/share(/.*)?'}}

  • Delete a user-defined rule using its PCRE regex:

sudo semanage fcontext --delete {{'/mnt/share(/.*)?'}}

  • Relabel a directory recursively by applying the new rules:

restorecon -R -v {{path/to/directory}}