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Search and install SlackBuilds. More information:

  • Pull the list of SlackBuilds to run sport for the first time:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/ports && sudo rsync -av rsync:// /slackbuilds/$(awk '{print $2}' /etc/slackware-version)/ /usr/ports/

  • Pull in any updates to the system's tree via rsync:

sudo sport rsync

  • Search for a package by name:

sport search "{{keyword}}"

  • Check if a package is installed:

sport check {{package}}

  • Display README and .info files of a package:

sport cat {{package}}

  • Install a package once the dependencies are resolved:

sudo sport install {{package}}

  • Install a list of packages from a file (format: packages separated by spaces):

sudo sport install $(< {{path/to/list}})