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Utility to investigate sockets. More information:

  • Show all TCP/UDP/RAW/UNIX sockets:

ss -a {{-t|-u|-w|-x}}

  • Filter TCP sockets by states, only/exclude:

ss {{state/exclude}} {{bucket/big/connected/synchronized/...}}

  • Show all TCP sockets connected to the local HTTPS port (443):

ss -t src :{{443}}

  • Show all TCP sockets listening on the local 8080 port:

ss -lt src :{{8080}}

  • Show all TCP sockets along with processes connected to a remote SSH port:

ss -pt dst :{{ssh}}

  • Show all UDP sockets connected on specific source and destination ports:

ss -u 'sport == :{{source_port}} and dport == :{{destination_port}}'

  • Show all TCP IPv4 sockets locally connected on the subnet

ss -4t src {{192.168/16}}

  • Kill IPv4 or IPv6 Socket Connection with destination IP and destination port 8080:

ss --kill dst {{}} dport = {{8080}}