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Steganography tool for JPEG, BMP, WAV and AU file formats. More information:

  • Embed data in a PNG, prompting for a passphrase:

steghide embed --coverfile {{path/to/image.png}} --embedfile {{path/to/data.txt}}

  • Extract data from a WAV audio file:

steghide extract --stegofile {{path/to/sound.wav}}

  • Display file information, trying to detect an embedded file:

steghide info {{path/to/file.jpg}}

  • Embed data in a JPEG image, using maximum compression:

steghide embed --coverfile {{path/to/image.jpg}} --embedfile {{path/to/data.txt}} --compress {{9}}

  • Get the list of supported encryption algorithms and modes:

steghide encinfo

  • Embed encrypted data in a JPEG image, e.g. with Blowfish in CBC mode:

steghide embed --coverfile {{path/to/image.jpg}} --embedfile {{path/to/data.txt}} --encryption {{blowfish|...}} {{cbc|...}}