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Troubleshooting tool for tracing system calls. More information:

  • Start tracing a specific [p]rocess by its PID:

strace -p {{pid}}

  • Trace a [p]rocess and filt[e]r output by system call:

strace -p {{pid}} -e {{system_call,system_call2,...}}

  • Count time, calls, and errors for each system call and report a summary on program exit:

strace -p {{pid}} -c

  • Show the [T]ime spent in every system call:

strace -p {{pid}} -T

  • Start tracing a program by executing it:

strace {{program}}

  • Start tracing file operations of a program:

strace -e trace=file {{program}}

  • Start tracing network operations of a program as well as all its [f]orked and child processes, saving the [o]utput to a file:

strace -f -e trace=network -o {{trace.txt}} {{program}}