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List, show, encrypt and decrypt service credentials. More information:

  • Encrypt a file and set a specific name:

systemd-creds encrypt --name={{name}} {{path/to/input_file}} {{path/to/output}}

  • Decrypt the file again:

systemd-creds decrypt {{path/to/input_file}} {{path/to/output_file}}

  • Encrypt text from stdin:

echo -n {{text}} | systemd-creds encrypt --name={{name}} - {{path/to/output}}

  • Encrypt the text and append it to the service file (the credentials will be available in $CREDENTIALS_DIRECTORY):

echo -n {{text}} | systemd-creds encrypt --name={{name}} --pretty - - >> {{service}}

  • Create a credential that is only valid until the given timestamp:

systemd-creds encrypt --not-after="{{timestamp}}" {{path/to/input_file}} {{path/to/output_file}}