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Introspect and interact with file system OS disk images, specifically Discoverable Disk Images (DDIs). More information:

  • Show general image information about the OS image:

systemd-dissect {{path/to/image.raw}}

  • Mount an OS image:

systemd-dissect --mount {{path/to/image.raw}} {{/mnt/image}}

  • Unmount an OS image:

systemd-dissect --umount {{/mnt/image}}

  • List files in an image:

systemd-dissect --list {{path/to/image.raw}}

  • Attach an OS image to an automatically allocated loopback block device and print its path:

systemd-dissect --attach {{path/to/image.raw}}

  • Detach an OS image from a loopback block device:

systemd-dissect --detach {{path/to/device}}