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Prohibit the system from entering certain power states. Inhibitor locks may be used to block or delay system sleep and shutdown requests as well as automatic idle handling. More information:

  • List all active inhibition locks and the reasons for their creation:

systemd-inhibit --list

  • Block system shutdown for a specified number of seconds with the sleep command:

systemd-inhibit --what shutdown sleep {{5}}

  • Keep the system from sleeping or idling until the download is complete:

systemd-inhibit --what sleep:idle wget {{}}

  • Ignore lid close switch until the script exits:

systemd-inhibit --what sleep:handle-lid-switch {{path/to/script}}

  • Ignore power button press while command is running:

systemd-inhibit --what handle-power-key {{command}}

  • Describe who and why created the inhibitor (default: the command and its arguments for --who and Unknown reason for --why):

systemd-inhibit --who {{$USER}} --why {{reason}} --what {{operation}} {{command}}