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Manage encrypted storage directories that can be safely transported and hidden in a filesystem. More information:

  • Create a new tomb with an initial size of 100 MB:

tomb dig -s {{100}} {{encrypted_directory.tomb}}

  • Create a new key file that can be used to lock a tomb; user will be prompted for a password for the key:

tomb forge {{encrypted_directory.tomb.key}}

  • Forcefully create a new key, even if the tomb isn't allowing key forging (due to swap):

tomb forge {{encrypted_directory.tomb.key}} -f

  • Initialize and lock an empty tomb using a key made with forge:

tomb lock {{encrypted_directory.tomb}} -k {{encrypted_directory.tomb.key}}

  • Mount a tomb (by default in /media) using its key, making it usable as a regular filesystem directory:

tomb open {{encrypted_directory.tomb}} -k {{encrypted_directory.tomb.key}}

  • Close a tomb (fails if the tomb is being used by a process):

tomb close {{encrypted_directory.tomb}}

  • Forcefully close all open tombs, killing any applications using them:

tomb slam all

  • List all open tombs:

tomb list