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Route the traffic of any application through the Tor network. Note: torsocks will assume that it should connect to the Tor SOCKS proxy running at being the defaults of the Tor daemon. More information:

  • Run a command using Tor:

torsocks {{command}}

  • Enable or disable Tor in this shell:

. torsocks {{on|off}}

  • Spawn a new Tor enabled shell:

torsocks --shell

  • Check if current shell is Tor enabled (LD_PRELOAD value will be empty if disabled):

torsocks show

  • [i]solate traffic through a different Tor circuit, improving anonymity:

torsocks --isolate {{curl}}

  • Connect to a Tor proxy running on a specific [a]ddress and [P]ort:

torsocks --address {{ip}} --port {{port}} {{command}}