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Set various parameters for parallel port devices for troubleshooting or for better performance. Part of util-linux. More information:

  • Check the [s]tatus of a parallel port device:

tunelp --status {{/dev/lp0}}

  • [r]eset a given parallel port:

tunelp --reset {{/dev/lp0}}

  • Use a given [i]RQ for a device, each one representing an interrupt line:

tunelp -i 5 {{/dev/lp0}}

  • Try a given number of times to output a [c]haracter to the printer before sleeping for a given [t]ime:

tunelp --chars {{times}} --time {{time_in_centiseconds}} {{/dev/lp0}}

  • Enable or disable [a]borting on error (disabled by default):

tunelp --abort {{on|off}}