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Use USB devices remotely. More information:

  • List all local USB devices and their bus ID's:

usbip list --local

  • Start a usbip daemon on the server:

systemctl start usbipd

  • Bind a USB device to usbip on the server:

sudo usbip bind --busid={{bus_id}}

  • Load the kernel module required by usbip on the client:

sudo modprobe vhci-hcd

  • Attach to the usbip device on the client (bus ID is the same as on the server):

sudo usbip attach -r {{ip_address}} --busid={{bus_id}}

  • List attached devices:

usbip port

  • Detach from a device:

sudo usbip detach --port={{port}}

  • Unbind a device:

usbip unbind --busid={{bus_id}}