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Generate and decode Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID). See also uuidgen. More information:

  • Generate a UUIDv1 (based on time and system's hardware address, if present):


  • Generate a UUIDv4 (based on random data):

uuid -v {{4}}

  • Generate multiple UUIDv4 identifiers at once:

uuid -v {{4}} -n {{number_of_uuids}}

  • Generate a UUIDv4 and specify the output format:

uuid -v {{4}} -F {{BIN|STR|SIV}}

  • Generate a UUIDv4 and write the output to a file:

uuid -v {{4}} -o {{path/to/file}}

  • Generate a UUIDv5 (based on the supplied object name) with a specified namespace prefix:

uuid -v {{5}} ns:{{DNS|URL|OID|X500}} {{object_name}}

  • Decode a given UUID:

uuid -d {{uuid}}