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Manage WirePlumber, a session and policy manager for PipeWire. Note: you can use the special name @DEFAULT_SINK@ in place of id to operate on the default sink. More information:

  • List all objects managed by WirePlumber:

wpctl status

  • Print all properties of an object:

wpctl inspect {{id}}

  • Set an object to be the default in its group:

wpctl set-default {{id}}

  • Get the volume of a sink:

wpctl get-volume {{id}}

  • Set the volume of a sink to n percent:

wpctl set-volume {{id}} {{n}}%

  • Increase/Decrease the volume of a sink by n percent:

wpctl set-volume {{id}} {{n}}%{{+|-}}

  • Mute/Unmute a sink (1 is mute, 0 is unmute):

wpctl set-mute {{id}} {{1|0|toggle}}