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Command-line tool to change settings for Wacom pen tablets at runtime. More information:

  • List all the available Wacom devices. The device name is in the first column:

xsetwacom list

  • Set Wacom area to specific screen. Get name of the screen with xrandr:

xsetwacom set "{{device_name}}" MapToOutput {{screen}}

  • Set mode to relative (like a mouse) or absolute (like a pen) mode:

xsetwacom set "{{device_name}}" Mode "{{Relative|Absolute}}"

  • Rotate the input (useful for tablet-PC when rotating screen) by 0|90|180|270 degrees from "natural" rotation:

xsetwacom set "{{device_name}}" Rotate {{none|half|cw|ccw}}

  • Set button to only work when the tip of the pen is touching the tablet:

xsetwacom set "{{device_name}}" TabletPCButton "on"