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Add or change user database information, including login shell and password. Note: it's not possible to change the user's password on Open Directory systems, use passwd instead. See also: passwd. More information:

  • Add or change user database information for the current user interactively:

su -c chpass

  • Set a specific login [s]hell for the current user:

chpass -s {{path/to/shell}}

  • Set a login [s]hell for a specific user:

chpass -s {{path/to/shell}} {{username}}

  • Edit the user record on the directory node at the given [l]ocation:

chpass -l {{location}} -s {{path/to/shell}} {{username}}

  • Use the given [u]sername when authenticating to the directory node containing the user:

chpass -u {{authname}} -s {{path/to/shell}} {{username}}