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Manage macOS dock items. More information:

  • Add an application to the end of the current user's dock:

dockutil --add {{path/to/application}}

  • Replace one application with another in the current user's dock:

dockutil --add {{/path/to/application}} --replacing '{{dock_item_label}}'

  • Add a directory with view options and display it as a folder icon or stack:

dockutil --add {{/path/to/directory}} --view {{grid|fan|list|auto}} --display {{folder|stack}}

  • Add a URL dock item after another item:

dockutil --add {{vnc://example_server.local}} --label '{{Example VNC}}' --after {{dock_item_label}}

  • Remove an application from the dock given its dock label name:

dockutil --remove '{{dock_item_label}}'

  • Add a spacer in a section after an application:

dockutil --add '' --type {{spacer|small-spacer|flex-spacer}} --section {{apps}} --after {{dock_item_label}}

  • Remove all spacer tiles:

dockutil --remove spacer-tiles