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A simple interface to invoke the D language compiler, retrieve buffered trace, and print traced data from the DTrace kernel facility. Generic front-end to DTrace facility, requiring root privileges. More information:

  • Set target data model for a specific architecture:

dtrace -arch {{arch_name}}

  • Claim [a]nonymous tracing state and display the traced data:

dtrace -a

  • Set principal trace buffer size. Supported units are k, m, g, or t:

dtrace -b {{2g}}

  • Compile the specified D Program [s]ource file:

dtrace -s {{D_script}}

  • Run the specified [c]ommand and exit upon its completion:

dtrace -c {{command}}

  • Specify [f]unction name to trace or list (-l option). The corresponding argument can include any of the probe description forms like provider:module:function, module:function or function:

dtrace -f {{function}}

  • Grad the specified [p]rocess ID, cache its symbol table, and exit upon completion:

dtrace -p {{pid}}

  • Combine different options for tracing function in a process:

dtrace -a -b {{buffer_size}} -f {{function}} -p {{pid}}