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Run AppleScript or JavaScript for Automation (JXA) from the command-line.

  • Run an AppleScript command:

osascript -e '{{say "Hello world"}}'

  • Run multiple AppleScript commands:

osascript -e '{{say "Hello"}}' -e '{{say "world"}}'

  • Run a compiled (*.scpt), bundled (*.scptd), or plaintext (*.applescript) AppleScript file:

osascript {{path/to/apple.scpt}}

  • Get the bundle identifier of an application (useful for open -b):

osascript -e 'id of app "{{Application}}"'

  • Run a JavaScript command:

osascript -l JavaScript -e '{{console.log("Hello world");}}'

  • Run a JavaScript file:

osascript -l JavaScript {{path/to/script.js}}