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Execute a command for each line of standard input. Like xargs, but with pattern matching support. More information:

  • Execute a command for every line of input, just like xargs ({0} indicates where to substitute in the text):

{{command}} | rargs {{command}} {0}

  • Do a dry run, which prints the commands that would be run instead of executing them:

{{command}} | rargs -e {{command}} {0}

  • Remove the .bak extension from every file in a list:

{{command}} | rargs -p '(.*).bak mv {0} {1}

  • Execute commands in parallel:

{{command}} | rargs -w {{max-procs}}

  • Consider each line of input to be separated by a NUL character (\0) instead of a newline (\n):

{{command}} | rargs -0 {{command}} {0}