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Administer keychains, keys, certificates and the Security framework. More information:

  • List all available keychains:

security list-keychains

  • Delete a specific keychain:

security delete-keychain {{path/to/file.keychain}}

  • Create a keychain:

security create-keychain -p {{password}} {{path/to/file.keychain}}

  • Set a certificate to use with a website or [s]ervice by its [c]ommon name (fails if several certificates with the same common name exist):

security set-identity-preference -s {{URL|hostname|service}} -c "{{common_name}}" {{path/to/file.keychain}}

  • Add a certificate from file to a [k]eychain (if -k isn't specified, the default keychain is used):

security add-certificates -k {{file.keychain}} {{path/to/cert_file.pem}}

  • Add a CA certificate to the per-user Trust Settings:

security add-trusted-cert -k {{path/to/user-keychain.keychain-db}} {{path/to/ca-cert_file.pem}}

  • Remove a CA certificate from the per-user Trust Settings:

security remove-trusted-cert {{path/to/ca-cert_file.pem}}