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Apple Scriptable Image Processing System. Raster/Query images and ColorSync ICC Profiles. More information:

  • Specify an output directory so that originals do not get modified:

sips --out {{path/to/out_dir}}

  • Resample image at specified size, Image aspect ratio may be altered:

sips --resampleHeightWidth {{1920}} {{300}} {{image_file.ext}}

  • Resample image so height and width aren't greater than specified size (notice the capital Z):

sips --resampleHeightWidthMax {{1920}} {{300}} {{image_file.ext}}

  • Resample all images in a directory to fit a width of 960px (honoring aspect ratio):

sips --resampleWidth {{960}} {{path/to/images}}

  • Convert an image from CMYK to RGB:

sips --matchTo "/System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Generic RGB Profile.icc" {{path/to/image.ext}} {{path/to/out_dir}}

  • Remove ColorSync ICC profile from an image:

sips --deleteProperty profile --deleteColorManagementProperties {{path/to/image_file.ext}}