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Build, run and manage macOS and Linux virtual machines (VMs) on Apple Silicon. More information:

  • Pull a remote VM image:

tart pull {{}}

  • Clone a VM from a local or remote image source:

tart clone {{source-vm}} {{vm-name}}

  • Create a new Mac VM from a specific ipsw file:

tart create --from-ipsw={{latest|path/to/file.ipsw}} {{vm-name}}

  • Run an existing VM:

tart run {{vm-name}}

  • Run an existing VM with a specific mounted directory:

tart run --dir={{path/to/directory}}:{{/path/to/local_directory}} {{vm-name}}

  • List VMs:

tart list

  • Get IP address of a running VM:

tart ip {{vm-name}}

  • Change a VM's display resolution:

tart set {{vm-name}} --display {{640}}x{{400}}