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xcodes runtimes

Manage Xcode Simulator runtimes. More information:

  • Display all available Simulator runtimes:

xcodes runtimes --include-betas

  • Download a Simulator runtime:

xcodes runtimes download {{runtime_name}}

  • Download and install a Simulator runtime:

xcodes runtimes install {{runtime_name}}

  • Download/install a Simulator runtime for specific iOS/watchOS/tvOS/visionOS version (must be written as case-sensitive):

xcodes runtimes {{download|install}} "{{iOS|watchOS|tvOS|visionOS}} {{runtime_version}}"

  • Set a specific location where the runtime archive will be first downloaded (defaults to ~/Downloads):

xcodes runtimes {{download|install}} {{runtime_name}} --directory {{path/to/directory}}

  • Do not delete the downloaded archive when the Simulator is successfully installed:

xcodes runtimes install {{runtime_name}} --keep-archive