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A file transfer tool for uploading to Azure Cloud Storage Accounts. More information:

  • Log in to an Azure Tenant:

azopy login

  • Upload a local file:

azcopy copy '{{path\to\source_file}}' 'https://{{storage_account_name}}{{container_name}}/{{blob_name}}'

  • Upload files with .txt and .jpg extensions:

azcopy copy '{{path\to\source_directory}}' 'https://{{storage_account_name}}{{container_name}}' --include-pattern '{{*.txt;*.jpg}}'

  • Copy a container directly between two Azure storage accounts:

azcopy copy 'https://{{source_storage_account_name}}{{container_name}}' 'https://{{destination_storage_account_name}}{{container_name}}'

  • Synchronize a local directory and delete files in the destination if they no longer exist in the source:

azcopy sync '{{path\to\source_directory}}' 'https://{{storage_account_name}}{{container_name}}' --recursive --delete-destination=true

  • Display help:

azcopy --help